Communication Stick


Communication Stick and String

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These sticks are ideal for all your Natural Horsmanship needs. Light and yet sturdy with no whippy action it reminds an extention of your arm.

Made from Carbon Fibre Rod with a Rubber Grip Handle and Leather End with loop to attach a string to.  String made from 4mm Marine double braid polyester it is light and yet hardwearing ideal for outdoor condition.

Can be used without the string for ridden work and in hand work. The string can be added for work at a distance to add a light touch.

You have a range of colours to choose from. Blue and Purple Sparkle Handles or Black. The strings come in Purple, Blue or Black with coloured flecks making it easy to see you string in all condition.

Length Approx 95cm

Colour: Blue Sparkle, Purple Sparkle, Black

String: Purple, Blue, Black

Additional information

Stick Colour

Black, Blue, Purple

String Colour

Black, Blue, Purple