Horse Agility

Horse Agility is a fun filled sport growing fast in the UK and worldwide. Have fun with different obstacles to challenge your relationship and skill with your horse and then compete in competitions live or online. You start at the lower levels and build your skills until you can turn your horse loose and try your hand at Liberty, the ultimate test.  A ridden version EquAgility is also now available. Riding in a halter or bitless bridle with 2, one or no reins.

My passion for Horse Agility has lead me to become a qualified Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and Judge (Haat) in 2010. I am happy to help any horse and human combination, whether doing traditional or natural horsemanship. Young or old Horse Agility is suitable for everyone.  When teaching Horse Agility I apply many of the natural principles to help you develop your skills.

Horse Agility has many benefits

  • Building up your groundwork skills
  • Developing relationship
  • Looking at how you communicate with your horse, what are you really asking for? what is your horse telling you?
  • Confidence building, helping you to feel more confident on the ground handling your horse and helping your horse feel more confident in you.
  • Building up confidence in the horse with new situations and scenarios inc those which you might encounter outside the safety of the arena.
  • A great way to exercise your horse and keep him supple using obstacles that involve turns and polework, forwards, backwards and sideways making him more maneuverable
  • Perfect for the older horse or smaller pony who can’t be ridden
  • A way in which to have fun with your horse
  • You don’t have to have transport to enjoy Horse Agility, you can set up your own course and compete from home videoing your entry to submit  online

EquAgility is the latest addition to the sport of Horse Agility. Combining Horse Agility with ridden work to offer a new dimension to working with your horse. In EquAgility the horse and handler complete an obstacle course on the ground, then complete the same course ridden.

Wild Horse Agility takes the same concepts but out of the arena. In open spaces, on cross country courses, into the wild we explore what mother nature has to offer us.  Water, ditches, banks, streams, logs, trees, bushes, paths, different surfaces, hills, slopes and more!

Liberty Horse Agility focuses on a deeper relationship where your horse is loose while you work, communication is key to test our your skills at a higher level.

I run clinics and competitions throughout the Northwest at various locations. I teach individuals to large groups. I cater for groups of friends in their own fields, to riding clubs and society’s.  I can hire venues to suit your needs or you can provide your own.  I make Horse Agility accessible to all. Please contact me to tailor your needs. I look forward to introducing you to Horse Agility.

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