​”We bought a four year old Fell pony in August 2016, a little lad we call Joey.  Mel has been working with him from the ground and later in ridden work.  He has lapped it up and is so improved that we are delighted with him.”
Doreen and Bryan Trigwell

“Lovely day with very constructive help, training and tips. Thank You”

“A very enjoyable time – informative and fun, a great introduction to the sport. Thanks Melanie”

“Great day enjoyed it immensely”

Mel runs amazing sessions. She works on gaining a better bond between horse or pony and rider and she has a fantastic manner with children and adults alike. Her activities and competitions are great fun; my six year old daughter loves every minute of them. Mel ensures that riders and horses are safe and happy while learning together, that things they may come across day to day are not as scary as they may think they are!
Anne Philips

I’ve taken part in Mel’s Agility clinics and can whole heartedly recommend them. Young and old (horse or handler) are guaranteed a fab day. We are gutted she is no longer based in our area – you’re all very lucky up North!”
Emmie Foxall (Worcestershire Client)

I have known Mel for just over 3 years, during this time she’s become a friend as well as a great help and support within HappyHackers.  Educating people in the needs, care and understanding of horses.  She has been instrumental in helping riders from young children to adults to understand and care for horses in a holistic way (mind and body).
HappyHackers has an age range from 5-30+years and has a wide range of challenging behaviours such as deafness, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.  Mel’s patience, calmness and understanding makes their time spent with us fulfilling, enjoyable as well as educating them in the care and well being of the horses.

Dona Hill

Mel has helped in so many ways with all aspects of horsemanship, having a deep understanding and natural affinity with horses. She has the confidence to deal with unruly behaviour, developing respect and helping to repair relationships. Mel has also helped with encouraging confidence in horse and handler with the vast array of obstacles in horse agility courses at all levels including liberty. Mel is a confident and competent teacher and is able to communicate with young and old, nervous or confident people from all backgrounds. Mel is calm, kind and consistent in her teaching and many of us have benefited from her guidance.
Thank you Mel for your patience, help and support. 
Debi Monk

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found such an amazing teacher as Mel.  I love having Mel as a teacher. She provides me with the best advice and the most help in situations that I feel I cannot possibly overcome, but I always do, all thanks to Mel. I now have a totally loving and fun filled relationship with every horse I work with, as the bonding and development that both me and the horse have gone through over the years has developed into a strong relationship.  When I first began Natural Horsemanship, I feared the idea of a new task, nowadays, a new task is a challenge that can be overcome, with hard work, fun and an incredible teacher. My confidence has immensely changed as I now know that Mel can advise me and help me through any situation.  The most important thing Mel has given to me is fun with my horses. I love being with them and never find myself frustrated even if things are not going as they were supposed to. Working with some particularly difficult horses, who present new challenges every time I’m with them, is now fun and exciting. Big belly laughs are now a surprisingly frequent addition to our lessons.  
Mel’s teaching is infallible. She will look at any given situation, and give the best advice in order to work through it and achieve our goals. Mel is someone who will answer any question, give any guidance and help in any way she can. The best thing though about having Mel as a teacher is that every lesson is taught by a true friend. 

Nicole Cleaver

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