About Me

My name is Melanie Garner and I have owned my beloved partner Dinks since 1993.  She was born in 1991 and only an hour old when I first saw her. My dad brought her for me and my mum when she was 21/2.  I only wish I knew then what I know now! Dinks is a challenging Welsh Cob with a mind of her own, very opinionated and leaving you in no doubt what is on her mind! We spent many years building a relationship mainly on her terms!! In 2008 I saw a Parelli demonstration which changed our lives together forever.  What I saw I wanted for Dinks and myself. My dream on that day at that point was the closeness of horse and human, a dream I now live every day. A dream which I want to share with others and help them to achieve.

My natural horsemanship journey had begun. It was quite a challenge as Dinks was now trying to retrain me!! Our relationship built over the following months as under the guidance of Victoria Johnson and Kingdom Horse we found new ways to communicate.  My highly strung Welsh cob was now calm and relaxed in my company.  We then went on our first ever clinic with Ingela Larsson Smith taking in True Connection at Liberty, then followed over the next couple of years with Advanced Liberty and Riding clinics. From there on my dreams have grown big and I can now ride Dinks bareback and bridle-less, something I would never have thought possible before my Natural Horsemanship journey. I am living my dream.

I began teaching natural horsemanship in 2010, sharing my knowledge and helping people build stronger relationships with their horses.
In Spring 2011 I saw Horse Agility advertised and it caught my eye, something Dinks and I could do to progress our relationship. I did a one day course and fun competition and was hooked. I joined the club and began taking part in the OLHA (online filming) competitions. Finding this such a fun way to build a relationship with a horse it was a natural progression to become a Horse Agility Trainer. Since then I have taught a wide range of people and horses.  From young horses building up communication and confidence, to the older horse no longer able to be ridden but still enjoying groundwork.  I have taught a range of young people from those at the Princes Trust, using horses to help build their confidence and self esteem, to street children and orphans in Brazil for the charity Horses for Orphans.  

Every human and horse relationship is unique and I enjoy helping people connect with their horses on a new level discovering more about each other and how to communicate effectively.  The biggest influence on my teaching is Dinks, she has and still does teach me so much about connection with the horse and the huge rewards it offers.