Heartfelt Keepsakes FAQs

How do I buy a horsehair piece in the shop?

Please add anything you would like to your basket then use the payment method you wish. I then send instructions on sending me horsehair and any other information you require.

How do I place a bespoke order?

Contact me via email and I can arrange to call you to discuss options. I can then send you an invoice for payment.

Can I add something like a name tag to a piece already made in the shop?

In most cases yes this is possible for an additional charge

How much is postage?

For Hallmarked items Postage is via Royal Mail Special Delivery £8.95 or Royal Mail Tracked £4.95 depending on value, this is for insurance purposes. Non hallmarked and smaller items such as Earrings and Ornaments are sent signed for Royal Mail £3.95. P&P is added at checkout and you will only pay one p&p charge per order. Please contact me if you wish to collect from one of my Heartfelthorse Clinics which is postage free.

I really like a piece already made but I would like a different gemstone or to change an element?

I can make another similar item for you. No 2 pieces are ever the same as they are handmade and unique.

Do you buy in Sterling Silver ends, clasps, Rings etc?

Everything I make starts as a flat sheet or wire except for very small tube if I need a thick wall or ready made Bezel Cups for setting some stones to give you the most cost effective finish. Chains for necklaces are brought in. I can add traditional Sterling Silver clasps for bracelets (suggested if to be worn all the time for security). I don’t buy in pre-made Barrels, Ear Wires, Ends, Sterling Silver Beads, Tags etc. Everything is hand made to offer you something special and unique.

How much horse hair do you require?

The more hair I have the more choice I have in choosing the best hairs. However if you only have a little I can still create something for you. Bracelets require a full length of tail, if shorter I can make them in 2 sections and add a bead connection.

Barrels come in all shapes and sizes so the amount will depend on the size and quantity. I normally work on a good finger size.

Hair which is looped and tied needs to be a good length to allow a fold.

I will advise you on how much hair I need when you order, or if you have a set amount let me know and I can inform you which pieces I can incorporate it into.

Do I need to wash the hair?

Please send clean dry horsehair through the post. I always do a number of washes with the hair before I use it to remove dirt and grease build up. Ideally wash your tail before you cut it and send it to me dry. In short it doesn’t want mud, muck and shavings on it as this hair will be damaged and unusable.

How do I best collect the hair?

Tail hair is the best to use. If you only have mane or forelock please contact me and we can discuss options. I wash the tail let it dry then take a good thumb full from the back of the dock and cut with sharp scissors. Put a band on the top and send in a bunch. Please don’t send loose hair or tie it in a knot it takes a long time to sort and will incur an additional charge.

Are items Hallmarked?

Items are hallmarked by the London assay office and have my makers mark on them. As items can be fine or small they are laser hallmarked. Some items weighing under 7g or of mixed metal (i.e. copper, brass and sterling silver) are unhallmarked, this will be listed on the description. The reasons these items are priced lower is to keep costs down to yourself as by law they don’t need hallmarking. If you wish for an unhallmarked item to be hallmarked please contact me. By law any item over 7.78g must be hallmarked to be called Sterling Silver.

Do items come boxed?

All Hallmarked items come gift boxed. For non boxed items you may add a box at time of purchase.

How do I measure for a bracelet?

Put a piece of string around the wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit and measure the string. If you want a snug fit send that measurement and say you want it snug. If you want a looser fit I will add minimum 2 cm to the measurement. If you have a bracelet you love the size of measure that in a straight line and send the measurement as well. Once a bracelet is made and hair set it is a hard job to make alterations.

How do I care for my item?

Items are made from Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass. To care for your metal use an appropriate polishing cloth for that material. Be aware horsehair is natural, please don’t apply heat like a hairdryer or tongs as this will make it brittle and can break it. Don’t get the hair wet as this will affect the glue used to set it. A gentle dusting or a lightly damp cloth wiped over will be fine.

Can I use hair from multiple horses

Of course, hair can be mixed together or separated. If your horse has different colours in its tail these can be split into different colours as well.

Do you return unused hair

I love to show people what their item can look like with horsehair in it, however I only have limited amounts of horsehair. I will happily return unused horsehair with your piece but if you are happy to leave it with me it is much appreciated. Hair from horses who have passed away will always be returned.

How do you advise I send the hair to you

Its always best to send it via tracked delivery so it doesn’t get lost. Especially if it is all you have. I suggest if a horse has passed away you always keep a bit back for yourself.

I don’t have my own horse can you supply the hair?

I can sell items with hair in please contact me.

How long will my order take?

For bespoke items I would say a month but it depends on the amount of work involved and how many pieces I have to send in for Hallmarking. If you want it sooner this may be possible but likely to involve an additional charge. Please ask. It also depends on the number of orders I have.

For items already made where I only have the hair to set and are already hallmarked I estimate 2 weeks.

Items which require no hair setting can be sent out immediately.

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