Welcome to Heartfelthorse. I am a Natural Horsemanship instructor and Horse Agility Accredited Trainer with The Horse Agility Club. I also make Natural Horsemanship Equipment and source Horse Agility Equipment. Check out my other business Heartfelt Keepsakes. Where I sell my Sterling Silver and Equine inspired creations. Please browse the site for information on my teaching methods, clinics and events and products.

For me Natural Horsemanship is all about the relationship and connection you can have with your horse working together as a partnership.  My aim is to help unite people with their horses so they can work and play together to grow their relationship.

Horse Agility is a passion of mine which combines horsemanship and fun. It helps to build and develop the partnership with your horse and then gives you the chance to test in out. There is always a new challenge along the way and the opportunity to achieve the ultimate in relationship which is Liberty. Only then can you really know where you are on your journey together. I can help you build and deepen your reIationship with your horse, through leadership, confidence, communication and understanding. I look forward to helping you on your Journey. 

Browse the SHOP for Natural Horsemanship Equipment made by myself and Horse Agility Equipment sourced for your use. With a wide range of products available there is sure to be something you can add to your equipment at home. I started making my own Natural Equipment after struggling to find high quality items. I only use high class Marine quality rope in my products and my Communication Sticks are designed with a gentle feel for your horse. Having been a Horse Agility Instructor for a number of years and also a competitor I know that good quality equipment can be hard to come by. My range provides all the basics you could need to build a course plus some colourful useful products that can be hard to source. The selection is always being added to so its worth coming back again soon.

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