HFK Product Info

All of the products at Heartfelt Keepsakes are hand made

The product range consists of 4 Main Categories

  • Equine Range
  • Sterling Silver Jewellery
  • Bead Decorations
  • Needle Felted Products

The Equine Range is where Heartfeltkeepsakes began. Bespoke handmade Sterling Silver Horsehair Keepsakes and Equine inspired Jewellery. A whole page is dedicated to this section please click the link for more information

I love working in Sterling Silver and am regularly inspired by its form and beauty. I like to experiment with different textures and shapes and love adding gemstones to my work. My Gemstones are hand picked and will inspire a whole piece which i will create around them, or i create a piece and then find the perfect stone to fit. Everything is hand made, i purchase Eco Sterling Silver, which is recycled instead of mined. I use wire, sheet metal, some bezel cups and chains. I also love to add some copper or brass along the way.

Earrings are handmade in Sterling Silver inc Earwires. I love beads, Gemstone, glass, crystal, resin and anything unusual. I often buy a whole packet of beads just to use 2. I don’t make the same thing twice, each pair are one off’s. I also have a Sterling Silver only range which often includes 3D animals.

Beads can be so beautiful, catching the light and sending out beautiful patterns. My Decorations use beads often selected for earrings and I have an excess of. Made from Sterling Silver coated copper wire they are all unique.

My mum Lucy Garner creates amazing Needle Felted products which i am proud to sell. All original designs and handmade inspired by the British Countryside.

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